Made In China

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The documentary Made in China is one that does an excellent job of showing the real life of many Chinese citizens, and through the use of excellent logos and pathos elements helps the viewer understand the importance of factories and production in general in 3rd world countries. The documentary overall does a great job reminding us what a 3rd world country is like to live in, as for it can be easy to forget, and this helps give more reason to the whole documentary, and a sense of urgency engaging the audience further. The director uses many different devices to keep the audience engaged and attached to the film keeping the audience informed and even entertained at times. Directed by Philip Moore, the documentary was filmed in 2014 and the current…show more content…
The great thing about these personal interviews is that it hits upon pathos, through the hardships and often times hard life these workers have had, and it also connects to ethos by giving the direct feedback of the workforce that is the main focus of the documentary. These interviews also aren’t just with the workers at the basic level; many managers and engineers are introduced and give their opinion on the factory and life outside of it as well. The resounding message that these people have to say is that the factory saved them from a life of poverty. Something that is also done extremely well in the documentary is the overall authentic feel that is given off. Many of the people that are interviewed give their honest opinion about life in the factory, and everything feels very real with many of the workers laughing at the interviewee’s bad mandarin and smiling and offering to take the film crew on tours of the factory and some even inviting the crew back to their homes. This lends greatly to the ethos side of things and has a great impact on the film…show more content…
His personal review of the documentary gave it 9 out of 10 and called it an eye opening experience into various factories in China. Jacob spends a great deal of time reviewing the cinematic elements of the documentary, he raves about the camera movement and the realism that the documentary brings calling it out of place and extraordinary. Jacob explains that this element in a documentary is often overlooked due to the rigid boring style documentaries often bring, and is very clear that this excellent cinematography helps keep the audience engaged and helps display the director’s message. Another thing Jacob reviews is the contrasting imagery, and while he exclaims his approval there is still the slight feeling that it may be a little forced at times, although never taking away from the experience he explains, and perhaps done too
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