Made Up Fairytale

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Hi, Be Our Guest & Be A Part of Our World I know they say that every fairytale starts with “Once upon a time…” but honestly this fairytale happened last week and it won’t be all that magical to tell you. I guess I should probably introduce myself right? Hi, I’m Cinderella. I’m just your average blonde who looses glass slippers at balls. Don’t let me fool you though. This story has absolutely nothing to do with me. I’m just the narrator. It all began last Tuesday when this guy named Ryan met a beautiful girl walking along the pier. I know this just sounds so romantic right? Trust me it gets better. This beautiful girl, well, she didn’t have a name, but let me tell you she was one beautiful person. Ryan, being the typical guy…show more content…
With no time to spare, they each picked up their mining gear and headed off into the forest to find a quaint little place to mine this gold. In the time the men were gone, Snow White had apparently just gotten into another fight with her “evil stepmom”. I really don’t know what’s so evil about this woman, but Snow really can’t complain until she’s taken a walk in my shoes. Being the whiny little brat that she is, Snow was running through the woods crying her eyes out just hoping someone would find her and give her just an ounce of attention. Poor girl. By the way things looked it was apparent she had no intentions of returning home, and with no one in sight she propped up against a large tree stump in defeat. When she leaned up against the wood though, it caved in and she fell into the middle of what she had thought to believe was a normal every day stump. Shocked and amazed at what she found inside, Snow decided to just make herself at home, because that’s princess etiquette. Several hours had passed and the dumbbells, I mean dwarves, were headed back home to rest. After their one-mile trek through the sketchy woods, Jockey was the first to reach the door and pushed it open in relief. However, what they were bound to find inside wouldn’t really settle well. Laying on not one, but all seven of their beds pushed together, was a woman

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