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Michael Vanchieri Ms. Loos World Religions 6 January 2012 Neivanism Introduction Neivanism is a religion based off of snow. The religion i found where ever there is snow all year round, on the poles, on mountaintops, but mostly in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. Mythic Contrary to where Neivanism is practiced, the religion originated in Spain. The story goes that a man named Carlos was stuck in a freak snow storm in Central Spain. The storm lasted for 4 days and for 4 nights. Carlos blunders bout in the storm for this days, and before dawn on the fifth day a figure appeared to him. The figure was tall and broad, and wore a coat of pure white. He introduced…show more content…
Their doctrines have been carved onto a glacier. Ethical The rules and regulations of Neivanism are carved onto a glacier on the outside of the first settlement. If the ice begins to melt, the rules are just re carved.The Neivanists follow a certain set of rues based on good human nature. The main three rules of their religion are, 1) Not to kill another human being 2) Hladgunnr is the only true god 3) Never take more then you need, and if you have more then enough you give it to someone less fortunate. If a person follows these three rules they will be considered a good person. Ritual The religion has one particular ritual that must be strictly followed. Every morning at down the entire community awakens, faces Madrid and prays to their God. They pray for a safe day, success in their life, and to continue to live up to the His three rules. They pray at down because it is when their first prophet Carlos came to this land and founded the religion. The second part of this ritual is when the entire community, again prays, but at sunset. This is meant to represent when Hladgunnr first appeared to Carlos in the blizzard. Social There is a loose heiarchy system that this religion was founded one. At the top of this system is God, he is all knowing and all seeing and he is the ruler of earth. The next tier comes the prophet Carlos. He is Gods messenger, the enforcer of the rules, and the preserver of the religion. Under the

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