Made in Dagenham

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6) What does made in Dagenham tell us about aspects of ‘the women question?” for instance what are women like? What do they want? What is their proper sphere? You may wish to comment upon how the film works as a film for instance framing images, music, and characterization. Etc.

Made in Dagenham
The film “Made in Dagenham” directed by Nigel Cole is based on a true story but is not completely accurate with politically history. East London, Essex, on June 8 1968, 187 women machinist’s workers when on strike for equality. They went on strike for three weeks, the ford plant at which they worked at had to stop production, of the product due to the lack of sew seats. They were successful in getting rid of their lower rates of pay. It was only
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This strike helped empower other women in the same situation to fight for rights in the work force.

The second reading of the debate of the bill, machinists got be to cited next to MP Shirley Summerskill due to playing an important part in history for the struggle of equal pay. When the UK joined the European union in 1973, became under the subject of article 119 of the 1957 treaty of Rome. That specifies that men and women should receive equal pay for equal work. All the women were in the union; it was a strong force to backed them up. In 1983, the “Equal Value Amendment Regulations” passed as an amendment to the Equal Pay Act. The European Court of Justice had found that UK legislation was not sufficient to provide for equal work for equal value for all employees. The new legislation gave women the right to go to an employment tribunal on a new ground: that they felt their work was of equal value to men in the same organization. The women at Ford used this to challenge Ford’s discriminatory job evaluation scheme, but the employment tribunal ruled against them and turned down their appeal in 1984. With their renewed hopes once again unfulfilled by the law, the women at Ford took strike action in December 1984. (Source 4)

Did the men support them?
Some workingmen helped the women in the strike. The husbands that worked in the ford plant supported their wife’s throughout the strike.

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