Made of Corn Essay

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We are all made of corn. Take a strand of your hair. A recent study proved that if you are like the average American consumer today, your hair is 69% made of corn carbon. This is in contrast to the 5% of corn carbon that is in the hair of Europeans. Americans use more corn in their diet than anyone else, and the corn content of the American diet is partially responsible for our country’s widespread obesity and the prevalence of diabetes. America’s over-production of corn has serious consequences for our health and for our environment. How is it possible that we are made of corn? Most of the beef, chickens, and even salmon eat corn. Today, it is rare to find anything not made of corn. We cook our food in corn oil, and we use corn-based…show more content…
The problem is, cows are not built to digest corn, and so we are actually poisoning them while we try to get the most meat that we can for America. Due to the severity of the situation, cows are pumped with hormones and antibiotics just to keep them alive. In fact, if we didn’t kill the cattle when we do, six months later, the cattle would die anyways. The mid-70’s was also the beginning of the rise of high fructose corn syrup. Now, I’m not talking about the corn we eat on the cob. There are many types of corn. The surplus corn needs to be chemically processed in order to be edible. Basically, the average American eats 200 more calories a day than we did in the 1970s, a major factor being corn. This is why the levels of obesity and diabetes in America have increased dramatically within the past thirty years. So much so, that statistics show that we are the first generation of Americans who might actually be outlived by our parents. Okay, so what can you do? Before calling up an anti-animal abuse organization or blaming farmers for growing corn, remember that corn is an entirely government-funded industry, from growing corn to funding research programs to find new uses for corn. That’s right, the government uses our tax dollars to make us fat. You can write letters to our congressmen in hopes of changing the Farm Bill, which sets the rules of food and agriculture in the United States and is
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