Madeleine Vionnet: One of the Most Diverse Designers of the Twentieth Century

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Madeleine Vionnet Madeleine Vionnet is probably one of the most diverse designers in the twentieth century. In spite of the fact that she was born in a period when dress codes were largely imposed by the social order, she had the courage to be different and designed a series of clothes that would impress the masses through their ingenuity. While the designer community was reluctant to accept her as a genuine designer, she did not express interest in joining their ranks and was particularly concerned about the quality and the innovation present in her works. She was able to see effectiveness in places that people did not consider particularly important and eventually managed to enter history as a result of her dedication. Madame Vionnet was born in 1876 but her interest in innovation enabled her to ignore trends present at the time. She apparently observed that most clothes were uncomfortable and was reluctant to act in accordance with the majority of people. She perceived clothes produced contemporary to her as being too restrictive in regard to the female body. Her determination to produced clothes that would emphasize female characteristics fueled her in developing "her unique conception of bias cutting of silks and satins that clung to the body (divested of corsetry), emphasizing every curve, every movement" (Teitelbaum 107). Vionnet is believed to have played a major role in clothes design and many of the present-day designers consider her to be a source of

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