Madie Majcher. Mrs.Shandera, Mr.Hill. English Pd.8 History

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Madie Majcher
Mrs.Shandera, Mr.Hill
English pd.8 History pd. 9
10th February 2017

"Families could face the awful choice of going back as a group or separating and sacrificing one of their close ones. Such dilemmas we can imagine caused many of the three thousand suicides on the island" (JNetwork Lobby for Catholic Social Justice). Thought to be a simple way of adjusting to everyday life and reacting to the challenges that come along with living, immigration is actually the cause of political disagreements, economic issues, social changes and diversity, and even thousands of deaths. An article called “U.S. Immigration Before 1965” stated that the first colossal rush of United States immigration began during the colonial era, the initial
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Immigration"). Quick growth of industry drove the obligation for big factories to demand workers to get the job done as quickly as the industry was growing and as effectively as needed to create quality product that would evidently meet the expectations of the people(JNetwork Lobby for Catholic Social Justice). On the social aspect of immigration, Pilgrims came seeking religious freedom("U.S. Immigration"). Arrival of the Pilgrims added initial diversity to the country. That initial diversity carries through to today, including countless amounts of different races, ethnicities, and religions. This mixture causes a dramatic change to the social structure of the nation.
Immigration has brought numerous political controversies from the first rush of newcomers, to the current day. It is believed that immigration laws are too old to rely on(CAP Immigration Team). The United States government continues to enforce immigration laws that should be updated. An article called “The History of Immigration Policies in the U.S.”, states that some of the laws put in place regarding immigration policy were no longer usable. Acts in the 1800s caused more problems than solutions. Eventually the Alien and Sedition Acts were no longer considered politically acceptable and the government rid of both. The amount of years that an immigrant was required to be permanently stationed in United States territory was a controversial topic. The amount
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