Madie's Descriptive Essay: Back-To-School Sales

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In the past, I knew summer was ending when my tan faded from Burnt Umber to Light Gold. But as the mother of a 12-year old, the lazy days of summer are officially over when the back-to-school sales start. It's a rite of passage for every American family. As my daughter Madie and I walked into the Super Walmart at Parmer and IH-35 shortly after 9 am, we blended into a sea of other parents and children who seemed to follow the same, silent command – go forth and shop for school stuff. Now, there is no denying the communal feeling that grows quickly among strangers with a shared goal, whether it's surviving a Zombie invasion or shopping for washable markers, it's the sense that we're all in this adventure together. Upon entering the store, I spotted the table with the school supply lists, and to my surprise, another…show more content…
As we entered the crowd, I heard a mother say sternly, “Don't get me started on crayons, 'cuz 96 of anything is enough.” Several other parents nodded their approval with comments of “That's right” and “Why does colored wax cost so much anyway?” Slowly maneuvering my way through the throng, I saw a few shoppers in a huddle sharing a calculator and swapping coupons. When a curious, young father glanced their way, one in the huddle asked if he needed a coupon for baby wipes. He nodded yes and received one saying thanks to the group. Another mom called a comrade parent on her cell phone to ask a strategic question, “How much did a large dry erase marker board cost at Target?” The answer convinced her to keep the one in her cart. In the brief time I was there, small groups of parent-shoppers had already formed alliances ready to help each other. No one was shy, either. A conversation occurred when a Kim Kardashian look-alike mom dressed all in black asked a pink sun dress mom if she knew how long a thermos lunch box really stayed cold. She did, about three-hours, but don't push
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