Madison Childrens Hospital Essay

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Madison Children’s Hospital Sandie Hood University Of Phoenix

The outline for grant proposal should consist of the following things. I. Title II. Summary/Abstract should not be more than 100 words. III. Introduction
A. Background Explain the situation Show what created the problem Show why that the problem is important
B. Statement of the Project Problem Define the problem ones want to solve Define ones audience
IV. Solution A. Objectives Explain what one will create to solve the problem Show what one will produce during the period of the project. B. Time Schedule Show when
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The hospital understands that these chronic illnesses are affecting the children attendance and academic success at school, in addition to the parents income levels and career advancement. Researchers believe that unmanaged status of the children chronic illnesses is strongly related to this concern. The schools and hospital are very interested in addressing this concern. Problem that will be addressed is the National Institute of Health Care is to solicit research to improve self-management and quality of life in children and adolescents with chronic illnesses. Children diagnoses with chronic illness and his or her families have a long-term responsibility for self-management. A child with chronic illness will have a lifelong responsibility to maintain and promote health and prevent complication. The target population is children and adolescents with chronic illnesses within the community ages eight to 21 grouped by developmental stages. Studies of the chronic illness or serious cognitive disability are beyond the scope of the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). The staff consists of nurses, doctors, and community volunteers. Research related to biological and technological factors as well as sociocultural, environmental, and behavioral mechanisms that contribute to successful and ongoing self-management of chronic illnesses in children is also encouraged. The objectives one will create to solve the problem include quality and safety, to show
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