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Madison Metropolitan School District "Action research is the process through which teachers collaborate in evaluating their practice jointly; raise awareness of their personal theory; articulate a shared conception of values; try out new strategies to render the values expressed in their practice more consistent with the educational values they espouse; record their work in a form which is readily available to and understandable by other teachers; and thus develop a shared theory of teaching by researching practice." - John Elliott What is Action Research? | Five Phases of Action Research | Starting Points | Data Collection: The 5 W 's and an H | Writing Prompts for Classroom Action Researchers | Ideas for Your Final Write-up | What…show more content…
* Go around the group, and one at a time, ask each person to read their question very slowly twice. The group should listen to the questions. Absolutely no comments are made after each question is read. * Ask the group to generate characteristics, qualities, and guidelines for what makes a good action research question. 1. I would like to improve... 2. I am perplexed by... 3. Some people are unhappy about... 4. I 'm really curious about... 5. I want to learn more about... 6. An idea I would like to try out in my class is... 7. Something I think would really make a difference is... 8. Some I would like to do to change is... 9. Right now, some areas I 'm particularly interested in are... Data Collection: The 5 W 's and an H WHY are we collecting this data? * What are we hoping to learn from the data? * What are you hoping to learn from using this particular data collection strategy? * Is there a match between what we hope to learn and the method we chose? WHAT exactly are we collecting? * What different sources of data will allow us to learn best about this topic? * What previously existing data can we use? * How much data do we need to really learn about this topic? WHERE are we going to collect the data and for how long? * Are there any limitations to collecting the data? * What support systems need to be in place to
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