Madison Pierce: A Narrative Fiction

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Here's a picture of Madison pierce (: Madison's POV "MADISON! HURRY UP YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" I heard my mom scream from downstairs. "IM COMING, ONE SEC." I shout to her as I finish my makeup. People think I wear to much but I really like it. I brush one last time through my long bleach blonde hair. I grab my black book bag and my phone off my desk. I race down the stairs. "Morning mom." I say as I grab a apple from the counter. "Good morning sweetie." She says smiling. "Where's Matt? He's taking me to school." I ask, usually he's waiting down here for me. "He's waiting outside for you." She says shooing me away. "Oh shit." I whisper to myself. I kiss my mom on the cheek and sprint out the front door. My brother honks his horn. "Hey matt." I say hopping into his truck. "Could you take…show more content…
"Boo!" I yell. "HOLY SHIT." She screams. I fall to the ground laughing. I laugh so hard that my stomach starts to hurt. People just stare at me, but I don't really care. "You bitch." She says laughing. "I'm sorry, it had to be done jess." I say laughing. "Watch your back pierce, I will get revenge!" She says overly dramatically. "I'll be waiting Walter." I say sarcastically. With that we walk to class. -End of school day- I watch the clock, one minute till 2:45 then I can get out of this hell. Ring ring ring ring. The teenagers race out of class to the sound of the bell. Todays Friday. I almost forgot. I walk to my locker to get my book bag then I get a text. I check my phone and it's from Matt. Matt; Hey mads, I have a doctors appointment. Josh is driving you home. I feel my cheeks heat up. Let's just say the bad girls got a crush and her brothers best friend. I text him back "okay." I walk out of school and scan the parking lot for Josh's white Chevy truck. I finally spot it. I race to his truck. "Hey loser." I say jokingly as I climb into his truck. He looks over at me with his beautiful brown eyes. "Hey Maddie." He says
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