Madison's Story: A Narrative Fiction

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She was born in the town of Chesterton, a small town in Indiana, but when she was sixteen years old, she ran away from home. She was just like any other misunderstood teen. By the time she was eighteen, she had ended up in New York City. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a beautiful and happy young girl. Her name was Madison. She was cleaning her window in her small apartment when she thought the outside of the window needed cleaning, so she opened the window to clean the other side when suddenly she leaned a little too far out and fell! Luckily, her dress caught in the window opening. She was dangling there like a christmas ornament with concerned citizens taking photos and video taping her. Firemen arrived with a ladder but it didn’t reach. After over a half hour of hanging there, something caught her eye. It was something flying, something dark grey. She thought it was a bird, but it was way too big to be a bird. She thought it was a plane, but she knew planes weren’t that color. Soon it swooped her up and she was flying! It was Batman! Citizens below screamed as she was swept away. She held on tight, smiling ear to ear. They landed somewhere by a forest. With the clap of his hand the forest transformed into the Bat cave. There were so many cool weapons and his…show more content…
As soon as the joker finished his sentence, Batman rushed through the door. Madison had a shocked expression. So did Harley and the Joker. He went straight to the Joker, as he commanded Harley to get Madison. She held a gun to her threatening Batman that she’d shoot her if he hurt the Joker. Batman quickly backed away. “I won’t hurt your puddin, but Madison didn’t do anything. I swear.” he said to Harley. “If anyone were to get shot, let it be me.” he said. “Alrighty then!” she said, quickly getting hold of Batman. The joker was standing by watching madison. He then started untying her, when she got her legs free she kicked and knocked him
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