Madness A Bipolar life Essay examples

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Jennifer Fung
Professor Shal
1211 Section 18
October 13th, 2013
The “Promethic” Illness
Circling a yellow wallpapered room, sticking your head in the oven, running wildly around
town in the nude; these are the visions we associate with when the word madness comes to mind.
Entering the taboo world of mental illness, stigmatized as the crazy and psychotic by decades of
misunderstanding, Marya Hornbacher takes a step towards reversing those damages by telling her own
story in a memoir titled Madness: A Bipolar Life, in an attempt to shed some light and insight on the
world of manic depression. She details her struggle with the disease that spawned multitudes of
problems for her all throughout her life. To examine how she
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She depicted this through creating coherent sentences with a focus, content wise and
structural wise, sentences with less comma splices. For example the author wrote: “I put myself back in

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my chair, as if I am a little kid who refuses to eat her peas and is not allowed to leave her place until
she finishes every last bite. I take a swig, set the bottle down, and study it as the liquor burns a path
down my throat” (124). The sentences are noticeably shorter with no manipulated structure for
emphasis, per say contrary to how she portrayed her manic thought. In addition her focus was much
more reigned in for she wasn't speeding through unrelated topics and stringing them together into a run
on sentence. To speculate, her sentences focused solely on her immediate surroundings, she wrote of
sitting in her chair and taking a drink out of her bottle as she described how it felt going down rather
than jittering on going up and down, describing the sky, then the land and back again (122). Toying
with sentence structure, Marya successfully reproduced the pace of her mental state into her writing.
To illuminate how drastic her condition was, the author employed juxtaposition to emphasize
the mania. Using a system of extreme contrariety, she effectively exemplified the magnitude of her
mental state; the low to dramatize the high. In the previous…

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