Madness Theme In Hamlet

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Hamlet’s Madness
There are a variety of different themes that are shown within the play “Hamlet”. These themes vary from death to obsession and also betrayal, all of which contribute in some manner to encourage Hamlet's madness. In every theme, the audience can somewhat relate on a level both back in the day and in contemporary times as death, obsession and betrayal are common entities, well known today and will continue to be known and understood until the end of time. There are many themes that reoccur, all of which relate back to Hamlet's madness, specifically including death, obsession, and betrayal. It has been rumored that Hamlet, the play in this case, is a perfect combo of internal and external forces. Hamlet experiences turmoil, based not only on his inner mental state, but also on the external circumstances of both the murder of his father committed jointly by his mother and the constant spying on him by Claudius and Polonius. In this case, Hamlet mostly likely is just suffering from some mild paranoia..
Hamlet seem to think about suicide throughout the course of the play more than the average person would. Hamlet is trying to avoid and not to be subjected to the inevitable "heartache" that is simply a part of life, and by wishing to not have to tolerate pain, shows why his wish is to die. At the end, Hamlet has apparently made the decision that he would rather die, but if only he were not afraid of what would come after death. This also reflects Hamlet's depression in that he would constantly think about death and suicide. The question remains as to whether or not this is madness. It is possible that because he debats about suicide in a very real and serious way, it could possibly be thought of as madness as it is not a thought that any normal person would ever have. Instead, a normal person could see issues in life that need to be dealt with instead of run away from which could have been what Hamlet was doing/trying to do. Madness is all over this possibility of death because most individuals will never truly contemplate taking their own life in any normal circumstances.
Hamlet can be said to be truly mentally ill in some cases. At the same time, he resents and hates his mother for killing his

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