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Madonna Business Case Analysis This business case analysis explores the theme of strategy by examining the career of Madonna, the world’s highest earning female entertainer, and one of the most business savvy women in the world . The case analysis identifies the impact that strategy can have on successful performance, and that it can be applied to both individuals as well as organizations. As we see in the example Madonna demonstrates that strategy is not about creating a detailed plan, but about establishing an overall direction that has clear goals, understands the competitive environment, appraises resources, is effectively implemented, and easily adaptable.
Synopsis of the Case
From Madonna's early days in her career, she has
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The biggest issue standing in her way was how to obtain her success, and then be able to maintain it instead of fading away like many other celebrities do as they get older.
Explanation of Relevant Concepts, Theories and Applications Derived from Course Materials
Successful strategies are based on several common elements, such as: 1)Simple, consistent long-term goals 2)Profound understanding of the competitive environment, 3)Objective appraisal of resources, and 4)Effective implementation (Grant, 2010). As our case study shows, Madonna has had a firm grasp on these elements. Her long-term goal to be the greatest female performer is very simplistic and long term. Her understanding of the competitive environment is exceptional, throughout the years she understood exactly the direction that music was taking. In the 1980's she understood that dance clubs and DJ's were the future and if she wanted to break into the industry she needed to start there. In the late 1980's and into the 1990's she utilized sex and seduction to keep in public's eye. By the late 2000's she understood that music was going away from the recorded format and the money to made was in live performances. Madonna has understood throughout the years that as the industry was constantly changing that she would need to as well to stay relevant. She has been successful at promoting her strengths, while shadowing her weaknesses. Madonna has developed her image throughout the years to
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