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Madrid, Spain Madrid, Spain is a famous city. Many people go every year to go visit. It is a Spanish city that is in the middle of the Iberian Peninsula. Madrid hosts the largest Royal Palace in Western Europe. This city was a runner up to hold the 2012 Olympics but instead, it was hosted in London. The city has many places to visit and a very famous soccer team to go watch. Real Madrid C.F. (Club de Football) is a team that is represented by Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid C.F. most reason title wins is the European Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and the Copa del Rey Cup. The Prado Museum is Madrid 's top cultural sight, and one of the world 's greatest art galleries. The word Prado means meadow in English. With just these…show more content…
Held annually since 1935, the Vuelta an España is a UCI Pro Tour competition and the Spanish equivalent of the Tour de France and Giro d 'Italia. Cyclists start the race in Granada and finish in Madrid. It takes three weeks to complete and there are usually 21 stages. The leading cyclist wins the golden jersey and there are other jerseys awarded to the best climber, sprinter, point’s leader and combination categories. Bullfighting is one of Spain 's oldest sporting traditions. Madrid 's main bullring is La Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas del Espíritu Santo, situated to the east of the city. It is the largest bullring in Spain and the second largest in the world. From March to October, bullfights are organized every Sunday night from seven at Las Ventas. During the annual San Isidro festival in May and June, bullfights are arranged every evening for three weeks. Special daily bullfights are also organized as part of Madrid 's Autumn Festival at the end of September. There are many famous sights to go visit in Madrid, Spain. As said before, Madrid, Spain hosts the largest Royal Palace in Western Europe. It was built on the site of the old Alcázar, the Moorish castle destroyed by fire in 1734, but the site has been occupied since the 10th century by the Moors, who having named the city 's Manzanares river al-Magrit ("source of water"), referred to the area as Mayrit which became Magerit, then Madrid. The old city walls around this

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