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Extra Credit: Research on the Madrigal During the Renaissance, a new form of music had emerged. This new form of music, known as the madrigal, had become a very popular type of music in the fourteenth century. It had begun the transition from the monophonic Georgian chants and troubadour music of the middle ages to the famous baroque period. The madrigal was very well-liked by courts all around during the time of the Renaissance. The madrigal was a type of chamber music that was founded in the fourteenth century in northern Italy. However, during the fifteenth century it became less popular; lucky it was revived in the sixteenth century. The madrigal had originated in northern Italy but had eventually spread to the England and Germany. Often,…show more content…
The madrigals were usually preformed by middle class and the aristocrats. All of the middle class and the aristocrats were expected to be able to perform and read music. Many of them also new how to play an instrument. They would perform for themselves and group of people they personally knew rather than in front of strangers in public. The madrigal was also sung in the houses of nobles who usually hired others to sing for them. Both men and women could sing in the groups that preformed the madrigal. In order for the madrigal to be performed well, communication between the singers was key to making sure the dynamics, tempo, emotional sense, and pauses in the music were developed…show more content…
Around 1530, Philippe Verdelot and Jacques Arcadelt form what is today France or southern Belgium, were the leading composers in madrigal music. Another famous composer of the poems of the madrigal was Pietro Bembo as well as an Italian poet, Francesco Petrarcho. Cipriano de Rore was a composer that introduced chromatic and dissonant feel to the madrigal. Additionally, there was a well-known woman published composer, which was rare, of the madrigal, Maddelena Casulana. The madrigal was the opportunity for composers as well as musicians to come out and share their emotion secular
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