Mafias: The Roaring Twenties

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It was around the 1920’s, about a year or two after the war. It was a happy and cheerful time known as “the Roaring Twenties” with new everything that everyone had to get their hands on, yet not everyone had most of the money to spend on everything. Until, Prohibition happened. Thanks to mafias, they kept the alcohol around. These men were pretty bad guys. I mean, they were into making deals, drive by shootings, prostitution, gambling, and massacres. They changed the so many things after their era because of them. We begin with their rich history in crime. Mobsters aren't really just the men that are from Chicago or New York with the cool Italian accents and the suits with fedoras, they are much more than that, and I will tell you what they are all about. Mafias were a group of men and women who organized many crimes. They originated from Sicily, Italy, Russia, etc. Many fled to the United States, and started their own mafias there. For example, Chicago was a huge mob territory. For instants, mobsters included Belle Starr aka “The Bandit Queen”, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie and Clyde, Bugsy…show more content…
Like, Italy, Russia, China, Albania, Australia, Japan, Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru. Many of the mobsters were descendants from the Italian mafias. Mafias had strict rules against cooperating with authorities of any kind. It was forbidden. Which made some of them become prisoners during World War II in Moscow. Other mafias, like in Italy, were around the mid-nineteenth century and they were involved when feudalism was being transitioned out of Sicily. The Japanese and Chinese mafias were with organized crime. Albanian mafias were similar to Italian mafias. In Australia, they were known as bushrangers because they would hide out in the bushes, then rob the carriages that would come down the road. The Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru smuggled most cocaine and heroin into the United
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