Magazine Advertisements Affect Women

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How do magazine advertisements affect you and people you know? They cause young women to feel negatively towards the way they look. Magazine advertisements send unhealthy signals to young women because they cause eating disorders and depression. Magazine advertisements cause eating disorders. In the article “Skinny models 'send unhealthy message'”, it states ”In 1998, a survey by the Bread for Life campaign, cited by the Eating Disorders Association, showed that 89% of women between 18 and 24 wanted more "average sized" models used in magazines.” It also says, “"Advertising, in particular, may influence young people's perception of fashion and beauty and attitudes towards food. Young women may compare themselves to extremely thin models, …show more content…

In the article, “Skinny Models In Ads Cause Immediate Anger, Depression In Women” it says, “Led by Dr. Leora Pinhas, researchers asked 118 female university students about their mood, body satisfaction and eating patterns. One week later, the women were asked the same questions immediately after viewing a series of ads, with half of the women being exposed to ads from popular women's magazines while the others looked at images which contained no pictures of people. ‘The experimental group responded immediately with depression and hostility after viewing the "ideal women" shown in these ads,’ says Pinhas, a lecturer in U of T's department of psychiatry. ‘And this was only after viewing 20 pictures..”’ CNN also states, “One study found that one in four people is depressed about their body, another found that almost a third of women say they would sacrifice a year of life to achieve the ideal body weight and shape, and almost half of girls in a recent survey think the pressure to look good is the worst part of being female.” This demonstrates that after an experiment conducted by Dr. Leora Pinhas, researches found out that after women viewed 20 pictures from magazine ads they felt depressed when they saw the “ideal woman” in the ad. One in four people are depressed because of the way they look. This can go to the extremes. Women would do anything they can to look a certain …show more content…

This is incorrect because although there are some positive outcomes because of magazine advertisements, there are far more negative ones. Wanting to be healthy and having a source of entertainment isn’t nearly as serious as eating disorders and depression which are just some of the negative effects caused by magazine ads. In “The Best Women’s Health and Fitness Magazines” it explains, “The report, which says young women look at thin models and see themselves as fat in comparison, calls on broadcasters and magazine publishers to use a more realistic range of body images. It also suggests society should put more emphasis on better eating and health to increase awareness about the impact of poor nutrition and dieting on young women.” The evidence states that since women are getting heavier, we should use more models with a realistic body shape. Most women do not look like the photoshopped models in the magazine advertisements, so seeing them causes women to feel depressed about their own body and wanting to change it which could also lead to eating disorders. Since magazine advertisements exist, they send unhealthy signals to young

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