Magazines in this Day in Age

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I nternet has taken over. Print is no more. Everything is seen through the square screens now and the market for magazines is certainly declining according to a recent survey, done by myself in the streets of Essex. The questionnaire was about the magazine market, using Total Film magazine as the object of questioning. Total film has been around since 1997 and is one of the UK’s best film magazines, offering reviews, information about DVD’s and TV and features.
I hit the town of Chelmsford, targeting younger audiences within the student town. One I looked my target I ran over and began. The questionnaire started off by asking “are you interested in film” which were all answered yes. I had hit the jackpot. The next question was “have you heard about this magazine?”. Unsurprisingly, 90% of people said that they heard of it and the remaining 10% hadn’t. This tells me that this magazine is pretty successful and also popular within the film fanatics. This brings me to my next point of what the fans do to keep up with the latest news and film releases. 28% of people said that they watch trailers, and another 28% of people said they search on the internet, possible on the magazines or on YouTube. This tells me a lot of the fans go on the internet for their information and would go straight to the internet to find the information out. However, this is just based on Total film and could be different for competing film magazines. A quarter of the people I surveyed said that they go
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