Maggi Noodles Marketing Plan

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This is an assignment on the marketing plan of Maggi Noodles in India.
This project focuses on the marketing plan of the product. It also includes information about the product and its company.
This assignment help in knowing Maggi as a product and the marketing plan use by the company to gain competitive advantage over other competitor.

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Strengths | Weakness | * Strong brand recall and the product is almost eponymous to the brand. * Market leader with 79.3% market share in terms of value. * Highest advertising share (72% (TV AdEx 2004-05)). * Emotional relationship with the consumer. * A strong distribution network of the parent company Nestle. | * Tagged as a product having no health value. * It has tried to bring in innovation but has failed. (Dal Atta Noodles refer survey noodles). * The product features have remained almost constant since inception in 1983 with any trial of innovation misfiring. * Market share has fallen from the 80% in 1998-99 to 79.3% in 2005-06. | Opportunities | Threats | * The instant noodles segment is projected to grow at a tremendous rate with the market size doubling by 2010. * Increase in the potential consumer base i.e. single working professionals and student population * Rapid economic growth and rising disposable incomes make a strong case for a premium brand like Maggi. * Upward trend of convenience food Consumption. * Huge untapped serviceable upward Class rural base. | * Top ramen the prime competitor has come up with new exciting instant noodle offerings like cup noodles and mug noodles which threatens to eat into Maggi’s market share. * Foreign players like Wai Wai and Rum Pum have forayed into the noodles market and have made their brand presence in eastern markets while
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