Maghazi Literature

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The Maghazi Literature

Name: | Lieth Al-Fityani |

July 21, 2011


Arabic was chiefly a spoken language with an oral literature of elaborate poetry and, to a lesser extent, prose. It is certainly known that the revelation of Quran had an important impact on the development of the Arabic literature. In the pre-Islamic era, both poetry and prose dealt with a restricted range of topics; however with the rise of Islam and the revelation of Quran, the range of topics had expanded dramatically to encourage for developments in prose and poetry. In this paper, I provide a historical overview about the development of the Maghazi literature in Islamic
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3. Characteristics of Maghazi literature: 3.1 Presentation:

The three compilers used the isnad as a presentational mechanism to introduce their accounts just as it is used in the Sirah literature. Musa b. ‘Uqba used the collective isnad in his writings, where he mentioned a couple of the latest authorities and hid the full isnad of the account; he also introduced some accounts by the phrase “Musa b. ‘Uqba said, from al-Zuhari…,” as Kritzeck (1975) affirms. Ibn Ishaq, in his writings about maghazi, rarely completed his isnad, and in many times he just chose to neglect to refer to any authority; for instance, he introduced some of the accounts by saying: “One whom I do not trust related to me....” This technique of using the collective isnad in the case of Musa b. ‘Uqba or hiding some of it or sometimes all of it in the case of Ibn Ishaq raises many questions concerning the authenticity of the Maghazi literature. On the other hand, Kritzeck (1975) states that al-Waqidi used the methodology of collective isnad as well but in a more systematic way. He used to introduce the account with a list of the authorities then follow it with the statement: “each of them related to me a portion of this, some being more detailed in their accounts, and others have related to me also. I wrote down all that they related to me: they said….” He also mentions that al-Waqidi’s

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