Magic In King Arthur

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Magic is something everyone has heard of and yet most people don't believe. Its presence is everywhere if you read a myth about something, chances are it's going to have magic within the story. Why is that? Well, magic is something people can describe something when they don't know how it works. To explain the unexplainable. Magic is also a way for the story to create a visual inside the mythic world of the hero’s journey. In the story of King Arthur, a young 15-year-old boy is able to pull a sword out a rock nobody else could to become the next king. The Sword trapped in the rock being magically sent from God to pick out the next great leader of Britain. This magic provides an explanation to show how Arthur became king. (King Arthur pg. 423-424). The magical element in a story is usually the main conflict or the heroes saving in the myth without the magic the story would be as good. People often told myths using gods and their magical powers or objects. The ancient Greeks used magic to describe how the sun and moon went through the sky. For the sun the Greeks believed Helios, one of the Titans, rode a magical sun chariot across the sky each day. The sister of Helios, Selene would then drive a magical chariot across the sky in the night with the moon (Helius, Selene). This would help the Greeks understand of the sun rose and set they used magical beings sometimes to provide an understanding of how things worked. In mythology people often used magic to create a story to
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