`` Magic Of Love `` By Sherman Alexie

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Emotions of all kinds
Love is a wonderful thing but can be very dangerous. It leads to very different experiences and there is a major difference between love and infatuation. It has gotten to the point that social media adds to the effect of infatuation and love. The two poems “Magic of Love” by Helen Farries and the “Facebook Sonnet” by Sherman Alexie come to together in one common factor, when these authors channel all types of emotions, and have the same feelings about two different experiences One emotion that both of these poem have is false feeling of happiness. Just think about the title that Helen Farries gave her poem. The title just sets you up to think about everything magical. From bright lights, to special moments, great tasting food, and you might even think about Disney world. Disney world has been labeled as the most magical place on earth and when you think of magic in that context, you get a broad image of kids playing, family enjoying time together, and people creating unique moments that coincide to match your definition of magic. But when you take a closer look, everyone is putting on a show at some point of their day. When you read Magic of love, you automatically get this false happiness because at some point in life we have experienced love and people remember more of the bad then the good of that relationship. Not every relationship can be “a blessing from heaven above” (Farries line 2) and give you happiness, but that is what the author
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