Magic Plays A Big Part

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In world of sports, magic plays a big part in not only the lives of those participating in the games, but of those spectating as well. In the reading, “Baseball Magic”, Gmelch(2012) describes magic as, “practices, notably the use of rituals, taboos and fetishes or good luck charms, designed to gain control over the supernatural p(267).” Many players in the game of baseball have multiple different rituals or good luck charms they use every day in order to achieve the peak performance. Most commonly, players use these the most when on the pitcher’s mound or in the batter’s box. These are the most difficult tasks in baseball and the players will take any good luck they can get in order to perform at the top of their game. In the article ritual is defined as “prescribed behaviors in which there is no empirical connection between the means and the desired end (Gmelch 268).” Even though these actions do not have any direct correlation to how the players perform, these players still practice them habitually because they believe that they will play better. Gmelch, describes in his article, how Wade Boggs would eat chicken before every single game in his major league career because he believed it would help him achieve optimum performance in the game later that day. Good luck charms, or fetishes are also very common in baseball. Many believe that these objects coincide with their good performance, thus many players keep these good luck charms with them. One example that I thought was
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