Magic Realism in "A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings" Essay example

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A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a complex story about the author’s experience of poverty and hardship during the civil war in Colombia. Throughout Marquez’s late teen years, Colombia was plagued by social and economic problems. In 1946, Colombia’s problems grew into a violent rebellion that lasted for ten long years. “The violent war was named La Violencia or The Violence; it became the most bloodshed period in Colombia” (Bailey 4). Marquez’s choice of magic realism made it possible for him to place hidden messages in the story by creating a deeper connection to his readers. The intricate characters and scenes Marquez portrays in the story all have a significant relation on his emotions, his life, and his…show more content…
His purpose for the crabs is to simply represent his long journey. Angels are merely a symbol of hope. An online angelology site explains that “In Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other theologies an angel can be one who acts as a messenger, attendant or agent of God” (web). In the midst of the dark skies and the swarm of crabs, an angel fell into the mud covered by his enormous wings. Marquez describes this angel in a very unusual and fascinating way. “He was dressed like a ragpicker. There were only a few faded hairs left on his bald skull and very few teeth in his mouth, and his pitiful condition of a drenched great-grandfather had taken away any sense of grandeur he might have had” (Marquez 401). The angel, who apparently is an old man, is how he pictures hope and according to an online article, “Marquez is a son of poor parents that was raised by his grandparents… his grandfather kept him grounded in reality” (web). The angel’s appearance of faded hairs and few teeth symbolizes his stature in life of poverty and the old man symbolized his grandfather. With the struggling of Colombia, what Marquez hoped for the most was the person that kept him grounded. The humanitarian consequences in La Violencia states online “Yet, La Violencia, did not come to be known as La Violencia simply because of the number of people it affected; it was the ferocity with which most of the killings, maimings, and dismemberings were done” (web). Furthermore,
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