Magical Realism As A Literary Genre

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Magical Realism is a literary genre that integrates fantastic or mythological elements into otherwise realistic fiction. It is described by the basic, direct presentation of strange, magical events. Magical realism is basically characterized by the utilization of fantasy that vast majority believe in. Examples of such things include ghosts, psychics, and the theme of fate and destiny. It permits the novelist to venture into the fantasy realm without totally losing the feeling of reality. Magical Realism was found in Latin America during the 1960 's forward to the present. It is portrayed with the utilization of paranormal activity that most of the populace has faith in or is in any event inquisitive about. The Hispanic society is usually involved with exploring the mysteries of birth, death, and the spiritual world. For instance, in Mexico they perceive the “Day of the Dead” in which they rejoice as opposed to grieving the passing family members (). They reminiscence and praise the life of the individual who have passed on and trust that the departed has moved on to heaven and watches over the living. They even keep the head of their descendant as a token. As a movement, magical realism is utilized to discover the theories of these beliefs. In literature, magical realism is symbolized by pictures of spirits and other strange happenings. However these were not essentially ominous signs. More often than not the spirits embodied a joyful or nice encounter, such as seeing
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