Magical Realism : ' Bless Me, Ultima ' And ' Flight '

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“Bless me, Ultima” and “Flight” both suggest that magical realism/fantasy influences the main characters ability to find their identity. While Antonio, from the book “Bless me, Ultima” uses Antonio’s dreams to show how Antonio’s premonitions of his association with Ultima and her influence on him as a teacher, on the other hand, Zits, from the book “Flight” has the use of time travel to help the Zits discover himself through embodying a variety of people throughout different points in history. These people help zits discover himself through the many different themes they all shine down on Zits. Magical realism enhances the themes of the novels by providing a lesson for the main character after each occurrence.
While Antonio is on the
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Antonio’s conflict is that both sides of his family are trying to have influence in the type of person Antonio will grow into. Another example of Antonio’s vision like dreams comes on page twenty-six of the text when he dreamt of himself talking to his brothers, which are away fighting in a war:
We must all gather around father, I heard myself say. His dream is to ride westward in search of new adventure. He builds highways that stretch into the sun, and we must that road with him. My brothers frowned. You are a Luna, they chanted in unison, you are to be a farmer-priest for mother! (26)
In this passage Antonio is trying join his brothers on their quest, but his brothers know all too well that he is not destined to follow them on their path as it is suggested that Antonio is not cut out for work which demands physical labor. The dream also foreshadows the separation of Antonio’s brothers from the family, leaving behind their father, who dreamt of building a highway with his three eldest. Moreover, Antonio dreams about his older brother’s entering a brothel and how Antonio’s brothers try to convince him to enter the brothel:
They lead me over the goat path, across the bridge, to the house of the sinful woman […] the door to Rosie’s house opened […] there was smoke in the air, sweet from the fragrance of perfume, and there was laughing. My brothers pointed for me to enter […] no, I shouted in my dream, I cannot enter, I cannot think those thoughts. I am to

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