Magna Carta Analysis

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First, the Magna Carta is a legal document that was written in 1215. It was written to acknowledge the carelessness of the kings doing in England to abuse his power while watching the other English people suffer, and to also enforce a set of rules that everyone, including himself, would have to follow.
Dating back to about 1772 BCE the Amorite King Hammurabi issued a set of laws after conquering Mesopotamia, by the name of law codes of Hammurabi(source 2.1). It was to place boundaries and penalties on people due to their choice of action. In source 2.1 of our book it says that, Hammurabi did it in order to “cause justice to prevail in the land” and to “further the welfare of the people which supports that idea. Just like the Magna Carta the Hammurabi law codes were put in place so that people with a higher power could not take advantage of the people that was not in a high social rank. An example from the Hammurabi’s code is, “if a man accuse a man, and charge him with murder, but cannot convict him the accuser shall be put to death,” in other words you cannot falsely accuse someone of a crime without liable evidence(clause 1). An example from the Magna Carta that supports this idea is from clause 40 and it states, “ no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice”. This means that everybody has a right to a equal and fair trial without someone being bribed, paid off, or just being held in prison. Each example from the Hammurabi’s law codes and the Magna Carta
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