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Magnet School Group Analysis 1. How well did your team balance the four group personalities? Which personalities were present in your group? Specifics? My group consisted of me my, my friend, and my roommate. We were able to balance personalities fairly well. This may be due to the fact of having arguments about various topics before. My roommate would be a communicator facilitator. He has been homeless in his lifetime this caused him to be sympathetic to students with personality and social issues. My friend would be a collaborative inventor. He understood the big picture of choosing the students with the absolute best chance of being successful at this school. He also did a lot of listening before actually speaking. My analytical…show more content…
4. What methods for reaching consensus did the team use? Specifics? We all took time to read each students case and formulate our own opinions and ideas before bringing them before the group. Each group was giving all the time they needed to prepare there discussions. We were able to reach consensus by listening to the opinions and feels and arguments of all other group members. We actively listened to each other point of view. After each group member spoke we discussed the reasons behind their answers. 5. Draw a pie graph or create a chart indicating the approximate amount of “talking time” for each member. 6. Indicate which candidates your group accepted and explain your criteria for acceptance. Provide specifics from unit lessons—be sure to show your understanding of the unit material by providing examples from the group in your discussion. After discussing the topics were able to come to a consensus to allow students 1, 3, and 6 into the school. We were able to agree on the fact that the students with the highest chance of success should be allowed into the school. This would be based on the student’s track record and whether they possess positive mental and social state of mind. We agreed that well rounded students who were already self-determined stood a good chance of maximizing their potential in the school. My roommate originally wanted to accept students with social issues. Eventually we all came to the consensus that even though
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