Magnet School Research

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Thousands of students are gifted who are looking for a better education to suit their learning needs. Magnet schools are the solution to this problem. Magnet schools are academically selective public schools which can teach students on a particular focus such as math and science, but can improve by providing students an enhanced learning experience by changing the modern-day classroom. Just by changing how the modern-day classroom runs, students can learn more efficiently and be more likely to behave and be more successful in life. Magnet schools are public schools with specialized curriculums and classes. The "magnet" in magnet school refers to bringing students across the normal boundaries given by officials ("A Brief History of Magnet Schools"). Most magnet schools in America are academically selective (“Magnet School” Wikipedia). They usually have a narrow focus such as math and science opposed to regular public schools that have a more generalized focus. Other than providing gifted students a more academically in-depth education, magnet schools are also built to avoid racial discrimination in some areas of the nation. Applications are usually required to get into magnet schools and programs. They sometimes require an entrance examination, interview, or audition. A few magnet schools use the lottery system where the applicants are chosen at random. The major keys magnet schools look at when applying is race, for a diverse population, and academic achievements ("Magnet
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