Magnificat Prophecy

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The car horn made a noise but not loud enough for the Laura to pay attention. Once there was a blonde teen named Laura and she was a 6th grader at Lewis F. Mayer Middle. Laura got ran over by a car and her family didn’t survive. A lady named Magnificat finds her. Magnificat is a brown haired lady with blue eyes. Now Magnificat has to take care of her.

One day Laura got a phone and it was a iPhone six! She loved her phone but, she was on it all the time. Even when her friends asked her if she wanted to hang out with them she said no. Till, one day she was walking and saw an old lady. She noticed that she didn’t look normal. Little did she know that she would tell her prophecy. She told her”One day you will lose your family from you”. But she ignored her and still went on her phone any minute she could. She spent too much time on her phone she even missed her soccer tournament and didn’t care.

So one day she was walking home while texting her friend.She noticed the clouds
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They had been friends in college but hadn’t talked since. Magnificat offered to take care of Laura and she accepted. Then she says “I found this” ,it was Laura. Magnificat realized she was going on her phone more than she should be on it. The next week Laura was healed then but still was on her phone. Magnificat took her phone and said ‘’ Why are you always are your phone?”. “Come with me”.

She took her outside and showed her new games and fun exercises. Laura told her that was the most fun she had in awhile. That day she gave Magnificat her phone and said “ I don’t need this anymore”. From that day on Laura always went outside any day she could. She read everyday and loved book and stories. Laura also loved having Magnificat taking care of her. She started calling her Aunt Maggie or even Hero. The got along all the time and Laura know knew life is more than a screen and learned to enjoy the
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