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Magnifico (2003) is a poignant and motivating movie about a young Filipino boy who, despite his lack of intelligence, remained optimistic which enabled him to help not only his family but also those living within their community. Because of his profound generosity and sympathy to the people around him, he was able to change their lives. Eventually, they have developed a positive outlook in life.
The film opens with the birth of Magnifico in their home – which is evidently a typical house of a poor rural family in the Philippines. His peculiar name was acquired by his father, Gerry, from a magician of the same name. Because of his amazement to the magic tricks the performer showed, he named him that. Gerry – whose only amusement is the
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When they arrived, Magnifico showed his sister the different enjoyable rides, the delicious foods and candies sold at the stalls, and many more. It is apparent on Helen’s face the happiness she felt as they wandered around the town carnival. They had only tried one ride since the money they had wasn’t enough. Fortunately, a ticket controller of the merry-go-round gave them a huge discount. Not only that, some of the people who saw Magnifico hauling Helen on his back showed them sympathy and benevolence. One ride conductor pitied them so he admitted them without charge and a vendor gave Helen a pink balloon for free. Two of his feuding neighbours – namely Tessie and Cristy – each gave them Php 100 to be able to afford the other rides. Unaware of each other’s presence, they both waved and smiled at Magnifico and Helen as they made their way to the entrance of a ride. Spontaneously, they caught each other’s eyes and exchanged smiles. For a short moment, the abhorrence they felt with one another had faded away.
On their way home, Domeng witnessed how Magnifico strenuously hauled Helen on his back and realized how compassionate and giving Magnifico’s heart was. Having understood why Magnifico earnestly wanted to rent his wheelchair, he decided to give it to him for free so he immediately asked him to go to his house. Heartbreakingly, Magnifico was hit by a truck on his way to Domeng’s house and died instantly. The

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