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Critical Issue Statement The issue in the MagRec case study is Dinah called Partco directly to report the problem she found from several years ago because MagRec did not notify Partco and Dinah believes in the mission and values of MagRec in providing the best heads. 1. What should you do now? After considering what happened, would you change any of your behaviors? I would probably take a breather and follow the 24 hour rule allowing the emotions to settle. I would then request another meeting with Dinah indicating a sincere desire to work through the issue. At the meeting, first and foremost I would start by sincerely thanking Dinah for bringing the Partco matter to my attention. I would be sure to communicate how much I…show more content…
However, when Pat received Fred’s response claiming it was a short term problem and was corrected within a year, Pat was satisfied her resulting in her behaviors being in accord with her beliefs. When Dinah discovered the hidden documents that revealing that MagRec had shipped product with a shorter life span and deliberately attempted to hide the matter from Partco, her belief and attitude was that such actions were wrong. Her feelings led her to the behavior and action of taking the matter to Pat. When Pat came back to her indicating Fred's arguments were good, it caused dissonance for Dinah because her belief was it was wrong and against the mission and values of MagRec. Dinah’s beliefs lead her to the behavior of calling the customer in order to inform them directly of the impropriety. By telling the customer of the wrongdoing, this satisfied Dinah's internal conflict. Fred did not have dissonance because he did not believe that the matter required attention nor did he believe it needed to be communicated to Partco. Fred believed that due to business demands, the need to make numbers and the problem being short-term, the issue did not require further attention. As a result, Fred's behaviors were in accordance with his attitude and

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