Maharashtra’s maximum irrigation potential

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Challenges faced by many countries in their struggle for economic and social developments are related to water (TAC, GWP 2000: 6) 2. India, too, is a varied country in terms of water availability and Maharashtra is a peculiar State of it. Maharashtra has uneven distribution of water resources. A large area is, therefore, water deficit whereas a small part is bestowed with abundance of water. Maharashtra’s physiography has constraints over the creation of surface water (SW) potential for irrigation purpose. At present, the area under irrigation is 17.5 per cent out of total cultivable area 3. One study estimates that even after exploiting all feasible sites, maximum irrigation potential created may reach up to 34 percent. This suggests…show more content…
In line with the policy, GSDA, following its emergence, was inclined towards executing systematic and scientific hydrogeological surveys for exploration, assessment and development of GW sources in the State. The organisation began with scientific approach for strategic development and appropriate policy formulation. During this first phase GSDA carried out considerable work pertaining to GW development. The core concept was drilling of bore wells (BW) and hand pump installation to provide drinking water facility to rural population in view of source dependency. The underlying objective was to provide potable and assured drinking water in every nook and corner of the State. State resolved the issue of drinking water scarcity by initiating BW based hand pump programs. GSDA carried out drilling activities and drilled more than 100,000 BWs. Similarly, GSDA recommended open dug wells (DW) to tap GW from shallow aquifer 5 that is replenishable under normal rainfall conditions for irrigational purpose. Consequently, the role of organisation as service provider helped tackle drinking water scarcity in the State, placating the impatient politicians. The scientific survey by organisation helped in greater success of DWs in terms of GW availability. However, it became imperative for organisations to modify their structure to suit the new roles, new attitudes and approaches in its functioning. GSDA, too, while performing the

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