Mahatma Gandhi's Leadership Styles

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Leadership is about casting a vision and allowing it to seep into others so that they follow the lead. Mahatma Gandhi is a world renowned leader who was a politician, a writer, an intellectual and a gifted orator. I find it incredible that as a young boy, Gandhi did not display any leadership qualities. He was a below average student (lack-luster) and very shy. His remarkable metamorphosis from a dull boy to a brilliant leader attests to the fact that good leaders are made. He has inspired and motivated great leaders such as Albert Einstein, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama. Gandhi championed passionately for four main causes: India’s independence from Great Britain, Hindu – Muslim unity, the causes of the poor and equality and
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I marvel at his ability to inspire and influence masses and his modesty and sobriety despite wielding massive influence. His epic moment and the most successful campaign against the British was the salt march when thousands of followers joined him on a 400 km march.
To be a good leader, one needs to have soft skills in order be to construct bridges of empathy with people. Gandhi had a knack for knowing the issues that were affecting his followers and he always struck a significant cord that resonated with them. I think his versatility is reflected in the fact that he could appeal to the intellectuals as well as the common man. He had a solid value system from which all of his activities sprang. He also had a totally interdependent relationship with his followers. Gandhi’s humility and genuine care for his opponents as well as his followers meant that virtually everyone Gandhi met had an emotional response to the man and his actions.
He took the causes for the poor and made them his own campaigns. For example, he championed for the rights of farmers, led a mill workers strike, campaigned against unfair taxes, sought to bring fair treatment to people in South Africa and campaigned against the repealing of the Salt Tax and Indian Independence itself. He believed that poverty was the worst form of violence. I am amazed at the manner in which Gandhi used fasting as a tool to reconcile quarreling parties. At the frail
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