Mahatma Gandhi’s Nonviolent Movement Against the British Occupation of India

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A hero is a man or woman that sets an admirable example for people around them. There are heroes in every field, every region and every walk of life that demonstrated these traits and qualities. Countless examples prove the same principle in every case. There are many examples throughout history of heroes who lived their message, made sacrifices and served their people well. The timeless examples of modern history include Mahatma Gandhi’s nonviolent movement against the British occupation of India. Mahatma Gandhi has inspired people all around the world to be better people by peacefully reconciling their differences and looking for common grounds. He practiced love and forgiveness towards his friends and enemies. This is a great example of…show more content…
The first thing that distinguishes heroes from ordinary people is that they have particular morals and they can be defined by these morals. Heroes must be ethical in order to be different from others. Being respectful is one of the most valuable ethics that heroes could have. In addition, heroes must be helpful and they must be able to help people at any time. Tollefson states in his article, "Is a Hero Really Nothing but a Sandwich?" that heroes devote their abilities for others more than they do for themselves (Tollefson, 1993). In other words, heroes dedicate their own high capabilities to people other than themselves. Consequently, heroes can be known by their morals and principles.

Secondly, heroism also requires courage; the courage of doing the right thing and the courage to stick to their core purpose. Polster writes in her article, "Eve's Daughters" that "In truth, she simply considers the risk of death or injury to be less important than her purpose" (Polster, 2001). In other words, heroes believe so firmly in their purpose that they are willing to sacrifice their lives in its pursuit. Thus, this unwavering courage sets the difference between a hero and a follower. Courage means the ability to move forward in the face of risks, uncertainty and possibility of loss. People feel immense respect towards the heroes for their willingness to conquer fear and do the right thing every time. Subsequently, courage is a key
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