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IBS Hyderabad | Mahindra & Mahindra’s Global Diversification Strategies | A Business Strategy Case Study | | Group-9: | Het MavaniHarshit ShethJuhi KashyapJayeeta DuttaHemanta PoudyalHeena GoelKanishk Sharma | 12-Aug-13 | This document is a synopsis of the full case study. | Table of Contents 1. ABSTRACT 4 2. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 5 GDP and the automotive industry 5 PESTEL framework of Indian automobile industry: 5 a) POLITICAL FACTORS 6 b) ECONOMIC FACTORS 6 c) SOCIOCULTURAL FACTORS 6 d) TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS 6 e) ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS 7 f) LEGAL FACTORS 7 3. COMPANY ANALYSIS (FIRM SPECIFIC) 8 VISION 8 STRATEGIC POSITIONING 8 BUSINESS STRATEGY 9 PORTER’S DIAMOND MODEL: MAHINDRA AND MAHINDRA LTD. 9…show more content…
* Emergence of Electricity run cars e) ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS * Physical infrastructure like roads, highways and bridges affect the use of automobiles. Better these infrastructures better will be the growth opportunities in this sector. * Environmental factors also include local and global competitors. With the advent of globalization. There has been a substantiate increase in these competitors f) LEGAL FACTORS * Legal provisions regarding safety measures, emission norms and environmental population * Attempts to harmonize the regulatory standards with the rest of the world. 3. COMPANY ANALYSIS (FIRM SPECIFIC) VISION Indians are second to none in the world and founders of our nation and company passionately believed this. We will prove them right by making them believe in ourselves and by making M&M ltd. Known worldwide for the quality of its products and services. STRATEGIC POSITIONING To attract a particular customer segment, each product or brand has to create its own unique image which is more attractive to the targeted customer segment compared to competing brands. The process through which this is done is known as brand positioning. Often this is done by developing a particular set of product features aimed at a customer segment and running a

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