Mahindra Reva vs. Tata Nano

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Mahindra REVA vs. TATA nano

Mahindra REVA

Reva cars have been designed to be nimble, simple electric cars for non-polluting urban travel. They have been designed for inner-city use, where performance and long-distance driving is not a major requirement. Reva electric cars are small city cars with seating for two adults and two children.
Depending on model they are capable of top speeds of between 65km/h and 80km/h (40-50mph) and have a range of up to 75km (48 miles) with 'lead acid' batteries, and up to 120km (75 miles) with lithium batteries.
The car is 'fuelled' by plugging the car directly into a standard domestic power socket. An 80% charge takes a little over two hours whilst a 100% charge takes around 8 hours to complete.
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Since it was launched in 1999, the REVA has found some 800 customers in India, according to the company's Delhi sales manager, mainly in the southern cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad. Notable owners include Kapil Sibal, Union minister of state for science and technology and Bob Hoekstra, CEO of the Philips Software Centre in Bangalore. The company's web site says it has sold 2,000 of the vehicles.
The REVA has certainly won the hearts and mind of environmentally-friendly governments: the Japanese government offers an incentive of $2,600 to anyone who buys the REVA; in the UK, a GWiz (REVA’s local name) buyer gets 1,000 pounds in addition to a waiver for London’s congestion tax and there are no charges for parking.

TATA nano

Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world. It is sold in home country India around Rs 1 lakh i.e. approximately USD 2000.
It is manufactured by Tata Motor Limited, the largest to automobile company in India. It’s Chairman, Mr.RatanTata envisions that Tata Nano become a “People’s car” which is affordable by almost everybody. Tata Nano was first launched in India on 1st April 2009 and was available in the Indian market by July 2009. Since launching, it has created a huge buzz all over India. Within the first two days of lunching, it has received 5500 booking. The figures kept increasing every day since the launch.
What makes Tata Nano so very cheap?
Basically, by making

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