Maile Meloy's The Apothecary

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I am reading The Apothecary by Maile Meloy. This book is about a young girl named Janie who moves to the United Kingdom after World War II and meets a boy named Ben and his father, The Apothecary, who can make you tell the truth, turn you into a bird, turn you into salt, make you invisible, and many other objects. They meet a boy named Pip, and with the apothecary's crew they go to Nova Zeblam, where the soviets will test their atomic bomb, and test their nets, flowers, and other objects, to stop radiation and the blow of the bomb, and it works. Janie is the narrator, so the book is in first person. This story takes place mostly in the United Kingdom, other than a sea and a soviet island, in 1952, seven years after the world war ended. There are many types of conflict in this book, there is person vs person (Mr. Danby vs Janie), person vs society (The Apothecary vs Soviet Union), and person vs self (Janie vs Janie). Pip is a very important character in The Apothecary. Pip is a…show more content…
The net that Jin Lo created stopped the blow of the bomb and the radiation. After the bomb goes off, Ben flies into the ocean and Janie runs after him. Almost dead, Janie drags Ben to land but almost sinks mid way. A Norwegian woman puts them into a boat and takes them to Norway, and back on The Anniken, where they arrive at London again. The apothecary explains why Janie was missing to her parents, but he drugs Pip, Janie, and her parents so they won't remember the last 3 weeks. Ben and the apothecary then go to a different country with Janie's diary, but one year later, Ben mails Janie's diary where she kept everything about the 3 weeks, so Janie will remember everything that happened. I think the theme is world peace, no one in the world needs weapons of mass destruction (bombs, bio weapons, etc.) and we should all live without wars, conflict,
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