Main Advantage Of Secondary Data For My Research

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Secondary Research
Secondary data is data collected from other reliable sources. Common sources of secondary data include census reports, Government records, newspaper articles and many more.
Secondary research plays vital role in any kind of research. This is as of now gathered and accessible. Secondary data has the upside of being accessible quickly, is frequently cheap and simple to get yet the weakness is that it may not meet all the needs of research.
The main advantage of secondary data for my research is to get up to date information related to research and moreover it will help to know about trends of market. Disadvantage
 Lack of pertinence of distributed sources.
 Erroneous, obsolete and inadequate data to settle on any decision
To investigate the possibility of VirtueNic in Christchurch, a considerable measure of secondary sources were utilized like:

1. Websites in Christchurch:
Christchurch City council, Opportunity Canterbury, Statistics New Zealand,
Christchurch educated, Statisphere, and so on.
2. Local Newspapers
The Star
The New Zealand Herald
The Press
Christchurch Mail etc.
3. Books: Business Research Books written by Jill Collis & Roger Hussey, C.R. Kothari.
4. Journals and Articles: Several Journals, Report and Articles published in current times.
Bias in Research and Its Elimination
Bias has a noteworthy effect on research. It is a root reason of systemic deviation. Random sample is a successful instrument for disposing bias. If
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