Main Aspects Of Wellness Should Be Promoted For Sally

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Nowadays, increased number of people suffering from type 2 diabetes may develop several significant complications. These complications can be classified as microvascular disease like retinopathy, nephronpathy, neuropathy and macrovasular disease, such as severe cardiovascular disease. (Forbes & Cooper, 2013). According to Sally’s condition, her health has been affected by neuropathy, which is leg ulcer. This essay will be focused on one symptom which is leg ulcers that had very serious impacts to Sally’s and her husband’s life. For example decreased mobility, increased pain when walking, affected relationship between them. Five aspects related to leg ulcers will be discussed: firstly, primary health care in relation to leg ulcers; …show more content…
Individual and community participation is useful for holistic health through the full participation of individuals. Promote health and prevent disease are the focal point in the health care system. Nurses play an essential role to develop health promotion. Collaboration between agencies can benefit for all the essential above. For example, Sally and her husband in the past have enjoyed community activities regularly, they participated and access the communities equally. Sally have to visit the local doctor three times per week to dress her lower left leg because of the developing ulcer. That is she receives an appropriate technology. Moreover, the nurse at the clinic dresses for her is to embody the intersectoral cooperation and collaboration.

As we know, the main result of providing primary health care is promoting personal health and wellness. Discussed by the National Wellness Institute (n.d.), wellness is a holistic concept in terms of the whole person and can be self-detected. It includes various parts involved in our life and encompasses the physiological, mental, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental aspects. There are several principles of wellness. NWI also states that wellness is holistic active process, it is outcome-oriented, prevention eliminates the need for treatment and so on. For Sally, she have to sit with her left leg as much as possible to promote healing that she can just stay at home watching TV or
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