Main Aspects Of Wellness Should Be Promoted For Sally

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Nowadays, increased number of people suffering from type 2 diabetes may develop several significant complications. These complications can be classified as microvascular disease like retinopathy, nephronpathy, neuropathy and macrovasular disease, such as severe cardiovascular disease. (Forbes & Cooper, 2013). According to Sally’s condition, her health has been affected by neuropathy, which is leg ulcer. This essay will be focused on one symptom which is leg ulcers that had very serious impacts to Sally’s and her husband’s life. For example decreased mobility, increased pain when walking, affected relationship between them. Five aspects related to leg ulcers will be discussed: firstly, primary health care in relation to leg ulcers; secondly, the reasons of why two main principles of wellness should be promoted for Sally will be explained; thirdly, the morbidity and pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes will be stated; additionally,learning program for sally will be introduced;lastly,grief and bereavement process will be explained to support her husband. Primary health care (PHC) has been defined by the Australia Primary Health Care Nursing Association (APNA) as an initial level of health care related to individuals, families and communities. In Australia, personal care, health promotion, illness prevention and the development of community all included in primary health care. According to APNA (2012), there are five principles also should be interrelated, these are “equity,

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