Main Causes Of WWII

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What main causes brought WWII and how was the U.S. involved. 1939-1945 Axis: (Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria) Vs. Allied: (France, Great Britain, USSR, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Demark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, China, & Yugoslavia) ~ the United States did not Join the war right away.
After WWI Germany & Austria-Hungary lost most of their land/territory due to the Treaty of Versailles. Germany had to pay all damage, wages for lost ones to other countries, loss half/most of military leaving Germany in a state of discrimination to its self. Later Adolf Hitler in his childhood saw the state Germany was and knew that someone should help reform Germany to its rightful position as another
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When Great Britain was attacked it needed more war supplies but had no money to build/restock its own. Franklin D. Roosevelt and US government declared the Lend Lease Program to make military supplies for Britain. Once Axis Powers realized that US was aiding Britain they sank ships coming to and from Britain.
United States Enter the war was due to the sinking of the “Lusitania” and the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese thought it would aid them to conquer land in Asia. Before the attack the U.S. started to build up its army since they are aiding Allied Powers. United States and Japan both stopped trading due to Japanese plans to become an Empire with Germany and Italy. Also invading Philippine Islands, US had military there but lost the battle due to lack of supplies.
When U.S. was recruiting its armies it loss workers making holes in businesses. Opportunity for woman applying for open jobs to fill the holes. Rosie the Riveter became an icon that woman started to participate in jobs men could only do in the past. Since the attack on Pearl Harbor Japanese in America where sent to detention camps for a safety precaution if they would aid japan into taking the
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was prepared for WWII, they joined the Allie Powers. US & Great Britain advanced towards France to free its control form German Forces. D-Day was the most feared part of the war, many military personal died to gain ground in the battle. Eventually Allied forces break through the stalemate & driving German forces back to their boarder. When Allied forces closed in on Hitler, he committed suicide leaving Germany in surrender and loss the war. As things cleared in Europe US turned towards Japan since the war was not over yet. April, 1945 Franklin Roosevelt dies in office so sudden no-one knew he passed away until the announcement that Vice-President Harry S. Truman was the new President. Truman knew about the Atomic Bomb (A-Bomb) but the use of this weapon would kill many innocent Japanese. He sent Warnings to Japan, which were refused and the Atomic bomb Project code named “Manhattan Project”. Once the plane called the “Enola Gay” flew over the targeted cities Hiroshima & Nagasaki, the Atomic Bomb incinerated, killed or injured thousands of Japanese. Japan feared that more of its population would die to this new creation of a “monster” and asked for a cease-fire.
The war ended with Allied Powers triumphed in victory, Germany was sectioned off into four zones were one country of the allies controlled. This was known as V - E Day, with the Yalta Agreement seeming reasonable at the time. Victory in Japan known as V - J Day, Americans celebrated for their new invention
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