Main Characters In Freak The Mighty

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Throughout the novel Freak the Mighty author Rodman Philbrick creates a compelling story featuring the main characters, Maxwell “Max” Kane and Kevin Dillon, better known as Freak, who go through a journey testing their friendship and loyalty to each other against the forces of evil in life. Max has not had it easy, with his mother being murdered by his father Kenny “Killer” Kane, and he has “never had a brain” (Philbrick 1). These actions and thoughts have left him with no friends and immense grief. Freak has also had a fairly lonely life, being two feet tall with extraordinary intelligence leaving him an outcast. Even into adulthood, people like to isolate others due to appearance or behavior. Loretta Lee, a woman the boys meet on a quest and also an old friend of Kenny Kane, is a perfect example, as she is judged by her looks and the way she can act. Despite their looks or behavior, all of these characters have the best intentions and enormous hearts, and are living a quality life, proving that just because someone is different, does not mean they are not of the same worth as everyone else. To everyone around him, Max is his father, making him a target for bullies young and old. Even his grandparents, who are now his legal guardians, are afraid of him because of his resemblance to the man who killed their daughter! For those who do not recognize him as the spitting image of a murderer, his sheer size and stupidity scares them away. For the people who are not afraid, they bully and tease him. Day after day, Max is taunted by his classmates with the slogan “‘Killer Kane, Killer Kane, has a kid who got no brain’”(Philbrick 76). Maxwell has not been able to find a person who wants or accepts him, but when Freak arrives, it is almost as if Max knew he had met his other half. Freak helps him with insecurities, and Max has the happiest year of his life. In fact, the same goes for Freak. Yet, at the same time, he is the opposite of Max, but in a good way. Standing at a near two feet tall, and having the intellectual capability of a genius, Freak can complete Max’s shortcomings. Unfortunately for Freak, not everyone is like Max, willing to like and accept him. He has been left out and laughed at his whole life
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