Main Characters In The Land Of Stories A Grimm Warning

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In the book, “The Land of Stories A Grimm Warning” by Chris Colfer, the main character, Rook, changes throughout the book due to the conflicts he faces.

To show this, in the beginning of the book Rook was helping out the fairies, or more importantly Alex; the Fairy Godmother in training. He would go on walks with her and he later helped her figure out why Little Bo Peep wanted to become the next queen on Red Riding Hood Kingdom. “‘I was going to suggest that if you’re curious about Little Bo Peep’s intentions, we could sneak onto her farmand have a look around.’”(Colfer 135). In this piece of evidence Rook is helping Alex go see what Little Bo Peep could be upto. He and Alex then go to her farm and look around. He helped her discover something she otherwise might not have been able to without the help of his idea. Rook and Alex did have a crush on each other and that could have been why he wanted to do this as something to impress her, but he helped her nonetheless. Without the help of Rook Alex could have never found this out. “She pulled him behind a giant patch of tulips and threw her arms around his neck. She had held it together very well, but Rook was the only person she didn’t feel like she had to be brave in front of.” (Colfer 311). In this piece of evidence Alex had just had one of the hardest days of her life. When she saw Rook she immediately felt joy for one of the first times that day. Rook helped her relax and he also made her feel happy in the midst of all
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