Main Competitors And Market Structure

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MAIN COMPETITORS AND MARKET STRUCTURE Ford has five major competitors and they are General Motors Corporation (GMC), Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler and Honda. Below is a comparative market share graph based on the U.S automobile market between the years of 2012-2013. From the graph it is clear to see that Ford has had, and probably still has, some stiff competition in the U.S automobile market; particularly from General Motors Corporation (GMC) which appears to have a noticeable market dominance and Toyota which is gradually catching up. As such, they are commonly referred to as the ?Big Three? by the Wall Street Journal. The reason Ford and its competitors have such a large influence in the automobile market; particularly in the U.S is because of General Motors Corporation (GMC). In the year 2005, GMC started offering their consumers the same discount pricing that they offer their employees including their relatives. This unfamiliar strategy forced Toyota, Ford, Chrysler and other automotive manufacturers to retaliate. In order to match General Motors Corporation 's employee-discount plan, Ford started offering their employees rewards up to $1,000 if they managed to convince their relatives and/or friends to purchase their various trucks and automobiles. In addition, the company also offered its consumers the same prices that they gave to their employees. In that same year, Chrysler revealed that it had been conducting research on multiple alternative strategies, but instead,

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