Main Components Of The Christian Worldview

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Benchmark Assignment: Gospel Essentials A worldview is the way a person views and interprets the world around them. Life experiences and spiritual influences play a part in forming one’s worldview. A person’s worldview helps them to determine beliefs on creation, humanity, morals and what happens after death. According to Waddell, (2014) “Worldviews are also like lenses found in eyeglasses that serve as the means through which a person sees the world.” (para. 43) In this paper, the main components of the Christian worldview will be discussed, to include God, humanity, Jesus, restoration and analysis of Christian Faith as well as a reflection of my own beliefs. God The Christian Worldview is founded on God as the creator. God is viewed to…show more content…
(Diffey, 2014) Humanity was created to know and worship God. Being made in His likeness means that humans have been created with both spirit and body, also possessing many of God’s attributes. Some of these attributes are creativity, love, logic, reason, and a sense of right and wrong. God also gave humanity the privilege to care for and have dominion over earth, which gave humanity value and a higher purpose. (Herring, 2008) Soon after God’s perfect creation, sin entered the world, bringing about the Fall and introduced pain, suffering, and death to the world. (Gen. 3: 6, 14-19) The Fall is the root cause of human problems and caused humanity’s departure from God’s wisdom. (Diffey, 2014) Humanity has the capability to love because we are made in the image of Christ, however, humanity’s nature is flawed and sinful by nature. (Diffey, 2014) All of humanity has sinned, and fall short of God’s glory. (Romans 3:23 NIV) It is because this that we need a Savior. Jesus Jesus Christ is the central figure of Christianity, the only way of salvation and the second person of the Trinity. (Funk & Wagnalls, 2015) The Gospels Matthew and Luke introduce the birth and childhood of God’s one and only Son, Jesus. His story began when the Angel Gabriel visited His virgin mother, announcing that she would give birth to a son, and that she was to call Him Jesus, for He would be called the Son of God. (Luke 1:30-35) The incarnation of the Messiah, was the Word
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