Main Concerns for Patients Undergoing Cardiovascular Surgery Essay

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Anxiety is the most common concern for patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery everyday in the United Sates. Nurses have issues pertaining to the postoperative care of cardiac surgery patients. Nursing has a very extensive meaning, from promoting good health in society to preventing the occurrence of ill health. Also, nurses provide advice and emotional support to patient family members. Being a nurse with the post-cardiac surgery patient requires special training. There are many means of patient care. I will investigate pain management of postoperative care for cardiovascular surgery patients.
One of the most common conditions for patients undergoing cardiovascular surgery is anxiety. According to Twiss, Seaver, and
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This might increase the patients anxiety and pain levels and prevent the patient from sleep and appetite. If the patient stays at the hospital for too long, then the patient might start being sensitive to certain things in the hospital such as bright lights, cold temperatures, pain, stress and discomfort. This might cause increased autonomic response, or having sleep deprivations, which would lead to physiological problems. Since the patient is going to stay at the hospital more than expected due to delays in his or her recovery, the cost and morbidity rate will increase, and the quality of life of the patient will be reduced
Nurses usually nurse the patients by giving them an enhanced environment. Once again, according to the American Journal of Nursing and Felgen (2004) as cited by Twiss, Seaver, and McCaffrey (2006), “A therapeutic environment provides an integrative network of physical, spiritual and psychological factors that have an additive effect on the creation of a healing or a healthy place” (p.225). If we are in an environment that does not feel comfortable to us, then our stress levels might increase because we will feel that we are in a strange place. A patient undergoing cardiac surgery needs to be in a social environment that is surrounded by people who will make him or her feel better about being at the hospital so the patient does not feel uncomfortable or left out. The patients stress levels might decrease if they feel that they are in a
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