Main Elements Of Andragogy As An Anonymous Evaluation Form Essay

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switch. The goal is not to formally assess and provide a grade, but to work through the skills together, gain feedback and personally identify areas for growth. After everyone completed their assessments and are back in one large group, ask participants how they feel about what they learned. Ask them how we can use what was learned today in the future. Ask them what they feel worked well or where they need more practice. Have participants complete an anonymous evaluation form (found in the Appendix) of the in-service to help the facilitator develop future in-services.
Knowles (1980) describes Andragogy as the “art and science of helping adults learn” (as cited in Melrose et al., 2015). Three foundational elements of andragogy include self-direction, experiential learning, and collaboration. Adult learners do not want to be told what to do. Participants want to have input on their learning. By asking participants at the beginning of the session what areas of tracheostomy care they were comfortable with and what they were unfamiliar with, participants have an opportunity to have the learning. tailored to their needs and participate in self-directed learning.
Experiential learning is learning through a hands-on approach (Melrose et al., 2015). When learners learn through a hand on the approach they are directly submerged in the learning activity and can integrate cognitive, emotional and physical functions. In this in-service learns will have an

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