Main Elements Of Investigative Process

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Introduction Orenthal James Simpson, nicknamed “The Juice”, was a high profile American NFL player. In 1995, he was accused of murdering of his ex wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman at Nicole’s residence in Los Angeles. This murder occurred in the late hours on the 12th of June 1994. Police arrived at the scene after receiving a 911 call and discovered the deceased bodies of the victims. Both victims had multiple stab wounds and the wounds to Nicole’s body were so malicious, her head was nearly severed (OJ Simpson: Caught on Camera, 2014). After an extensive and highly publicised court case, OJ Simpson was acquitted of both murder charges. Although, in 1997 Goldman’s parents initiated a civil court case, in which…show more content…
Although, when they arrived at the residence, it was declared the second crime scene. This was due to the blood that was discovered on the drivers’ door of Simpson’s car and blood drops trailing from the car to Simpson’s front door. A right-hand, bloodstained glove was also found on Simpson’s property, which matched the left-hand one found at the Bundy Drive crime scene. Upon entry to the property, bloody socks were found in the master bedroom, as well as blood spatters in the foyer and master bedroom (Crime and Investigation, 2014). Once Simpson was contacted in Chicago, he was instructed to return to Los Angeles. Voluntarily attending police headquarters, he was questioned, fingerprinted, photographed and gave a sample of blood. It was noted at this point that he had a cut to his middle finger on his left hand. Evidence was transported back to forensic labs where multiple tests were carried out. A shoeprint expert was used to determine the size and type of shoe, which left prints at the scene. These tests showed that the shoe was a size 12; consistent with the shoe size Simpson wears. Blood analysis was also performed, which proved the blood found at Simpson’s residence, as well as on the glove, was consistent with OJ’s and the two victims (Crime Museum, 2014). This lead to the warrant for his arrest being issued on the 17th of June 1994. Simpson, however, could not be located at this time. He was later spotted on the highway, with Al
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